A robust investment strategy

Our answer to zero-interest rates and a fragile world.

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Principles of our investment strategy

We have developed five principles used in our investment decisions. Together they make up the Flossbach von Storch Pentagram - our investment strategy.

Investment World View

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The five investment principles


Investment decision


The future cannot be predicted accurately. For this reason, assets should be diversified wisely ‒ not only across different asset classes, but also within individual asset classes.


The intrinsic value of an investment depends on its quality. Hence, the attractiveness of the future potential of every investment should be thoroughly examined.


Flexibility is necessary to avoid losses and to take advantage of opportunities that may arise. Accordingly, the main proportion of an asset should be invested in very liquid assets.


High levels of debt make an asset susceptible to major losses. Therefore, borrowed capital should only be used in a well-measured way.


High quality does not necessarily promise attractive returns. Therefore, the fair value of an investment should always be compared with its price.

What we stand for


We offer our customers mutual and special funds. We focus on a range of asset classes, invest in equities, bonds, convertible bonds and alternative investments.

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Multi-Asset Management

The roots of our company, the management of large assets and the associated multi-asset competence, are also reflected in our mutual funds.

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Independence in thought and deed

We are an owner-led company that is not subject to the constraints of a corporation or a bank. In short, we are able to consistently implement our ideas.

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Our own analysis

Our investment strategy is based on our own fundamental macro view of the markets. To evaluate individual investments we have developed in-house analysis tools that have proven themselves in the long term.

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