Independent Research Institute with an unobstructed view

In a world of rapid change where the certainties of yesterday are already superseded today, independent analysis is more important than ever before. For this reason, the Flossbach von Storch Research Institute, an independent think-tank dealing with pressing economic issues of our time, was founded in the summer of 2014.

Prof Thomas Mayer, former Chief Economist for Deutsche Bank, is Founding Director and Head of the Institute. The Institute functions as an interface between theory and practice – scientifically based, while remaining relevant in terms of specific courses of action.

There are three major areas of research

  1. Analysis of macroeconomic contexts (monetary system, central bank policy, government debt; macroeconomic research)
  2. Company analysis (management quality, company pension obligations)
  3. Analysis of investor behaviour (behavioural finance).

The team does not hesitate to examine ideas it thinks are right, even those that are not in favour because they are unconventional. To be a reliable long-term partner, one has to maintain an unobstructed view of reality in an environment that is undergoing major structural changes.

More information about the Flossbach von Storch Research Institute can be found at: