Preserving private assets – and using opportunities

Asset management means responsibility – preserving values, maintaining purchasing power, generating attractive returns in the long term. Independence in thought and deed are the basis for successful asset management. We deliberately do not align ourselves to any benchmark.

All private wealth has its own history, and a structure that must be understood as a whole. This understanding is the basis for our cooperation with our clients. We would like to get to know you – your investment experience, risk appetite and financial circumstances. Only in this way can the needs and goals be aligned with the long-term perspectives on the capital markets. Our client advisors will develop a suitable investment strategy with you.

Consultation – individual from the outset

Your personal client advisor is responsible for your entire business relationship with us. They will assist you in the initial discussions to prepare a mandate, they will help you set up a mandate and – this is particularly important to us – continue to assist you in the future.

Information – comprehensive and transparent

We place great importance on providing regular, personalised information. This includes transparent comprehensible reporting on your portfolio and capital market developments. The aim is to inform you in detail about which parts of your portfolio performed particularly well and which did not.

Communication – in-depth and on a regular basis

Regular discussions with you are especially important to us, whether by phone or in a face-to-face meeting. We value a relationship of trust and attach the utmost importance to offering personal, ongoing support.

Mandates – individual and customised

We manage the assets of private clients who have liquid assets of more than CHF one million.

Opportunities and risks at a glance – how we invest

Our commitment is to preserve your assets and to increase them in the long term. We cannot fully avoid risks, but instead understand them as much as possible. Potential returns must significantly outweigh any risks. We think like prudent business people: the profit is in the purchase.