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Flossbach von Storch - Laufzeitfonds 2027 is a globally diversified bond fund with an active investment approach. The aim of the investment strategy is to achieve an appropriate increase in value, taking into account the investment risk, which is to be achieved with a high degree of security. The investment focus is on euro-denominated corporate bonds, covered bonds and government bonds that have a good credit quality and a high probability of repayment. Bonds in foreign currencies are also possible as an addition. The average rating in the Fund is in the investment-grade range. The Fund's concept is in line with the investment philosophy of Flossbach von Storch AG.The sources of risk are actively managed. Reinvestment and price risk are taken into account by focusing on securities whose remaining term to maturity is close to the (remaining) term to maturity of the Fund. Foreign currency risks are hedged with derivatives. In addition, a risk buffer of 25 basis points p.a. is taken into account. The Fund also has an early redemption event, which was designed with the client in mind. If the expected cumulative performance over four years is achieved after a Fund term of at least three years, the redemption event is triggered. This means that the client's return is realised and maximised in a shorter period of time.As a general rule, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. No assurance can be given that the objectives of the investment policy will be achieved. The Sub-Fund is classified as an Article 8 product within the meaning of the Disclosure Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (SFDR).For detailed information on the objectives and investment policy, please refer to the current Sales Prospectus and the Key Information Document (PRIIP-KID).

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