Bond Funds and Convertible Bond Funds

Interest rates have hit rock bottom and we believe they might stay there for a long time to come. It will be difficult to preserve the real value of assets only using interest accounts or coupons of safe bonds. With our bond funds, we are breaking new ground. We are purposefully looking for opportunities and taking advantage of all the earnings opportunities offered by the bond market. When assessing risks, we do not trust the big ratings companies - but the expertise of our in-house analysts.

In addition to our pure bond funds which invest worldwide, we also offer a global strategy for convertible bonds: The Flossbach von Storch - Global Convertible Bond is a defensive alternative to pure equity investments.

NameISINValorShare class currencyIncome utilisation
Flossbach von Storch - Bond Opportunities R2LU03990276134843418EURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Bond Opportunities RT2LU148158371133867841EURAccumulating
Flossbach von Storch - Bond Opportunities H2LU174885575340149409EURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Bond Opportunities HT2LU174885583740149586EURAccumulating
Flossbach von Storch - Currency Diversification Bond RLU052600073111532246EURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Global Convertible Bond R2LU03661790094267224EURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Global Convertible Bond H2LU0097335235749952EURDistribution
² Currency hedging in another share class of the same sub-fund took place, which could have an influence on the share classes shown here.
* incl. max. issue surcharge
* incl. max. issue surcharge

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