Equity Funds

Our equity funds invest in quality stocks from companies with stable business models. They are companies that have a proven track record of generating stable returns and are unlikely to be forced out of the market in the foreseeable future. For such equities, we do not perceive price fluctuations to be a bad thing per se. Provided nothing has changed in the assets underlying the company, a lower entry price means lower risk, because it increases expected returns. It is common knowledge that profit lies in the purchase. In addition to our in-house analysis of individual stocks, the diversification of our investments into different markets, sectors and currencies helps to weigh up the opportunities and risks.

We offer three different equity funds – what they all have in common is the value-oriented stock selection by our portfolio managers.

NameISINValorShare class currencyIncome utilisation
Flossbach von Storch - Dividend RLU083156872919577961EURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Global Quality RLU03661789694267223EURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Global Quality HLU0097333701749669EURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Global Emerging Markets Equities R2LU101201511823383774EURDistribution
Flossbach von Storch - Global Emerging Markets Equities ET2LU2312729929EURAccumulating
* incl. max. issue surcharge
² Currency hedging in another share class of the same sub-fund took place, which could have an influence on the share classes shown here.
Name* Issue priceNIWData from
Flossbach von Storch - Dividend R205.81 EUR196.0126.07.2021
Flossbach von Storch - Global Quality R303.25 EUR288.8126.07.2021
Flossbach von Storch - Global Quality H372.22 EUR372.2226.07.2021
Flossbach von Storch - Global Emerging Markets Equities R203.07 EUR193.4026.07.2021
Flossbach von Storch - Global Emerging Markets Equities ET99.36 EUR98.3826.07.2021
* incl. max. issue surcharge

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