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We offer our clients investment funds and asset management mandates. We think across asset-class boundaries and invest in equities, bonds, convertible bonds and alternative investments.

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Our investment philosophy

Our primary objective is to generate attractive long-term returns for our clients. We pursue an absolute return strategy.


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Flossbach von Storch is an experienced partner for everyone who is looking for a robust investment strategy. Get in contact with our team.

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When it comes to your fund investments, our factsheets will always keep you up-to-date. Our factsheets contain the most important information – short and concise.

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Principles of our investment strategy

We have developed five principles used in our investment decisions. Together they make up the Flossbach von Storch Pentagram - our investment strategy.


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The five investment principles


Investment decision


The future cannot be predicted accurately. For this reason, assets should be diversified wisely ‒ not only across different asset classes, but also within individual asset classes.


The intrinsic value of an investment depends on its quality. Hence, the attractiveness of the future potential of every investment should be thoroughly examined.


Flexibility is necessary to avoid losses and to take advantage of opportunities that may arise. Accordingly, the main proportion of an asset should be invested in very liquid assets.


High levels of debt make an asset susceptible to major losses. Therefore, borrowed capital should only be used in a well-measured way.


High quality does not necessarily promise attractive returns. Therefore, the fair value of an investment should always be compared with its price.

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1. regulated financial intermediaries such as banks, securities traders, fund management companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes as well as central banks;

2. regulated insurance institutions;

3. public entities and pension schemes with professional treasury departments;

4. companies with professional treasury departments;

5. investors who have concluded a written discretionary management agreement with a regulated financial intermediary pursuant to section 1 whom they have not notified in writing that they do not wish to be considered as a qualified investor (no “opting out”);

6. Investors who have concluded a written discretionary management agreement with an independent asset manager whom they have not notified in writing that they do not wish to be considered as a qualified investor (no “opting out”) and provided (i) the independent asset manager in its capacity as financial intermediary is governed by Swiss Federal Law against money laundering and the financing of terrorism of 10 October 1997, (ii) the independent asset manager is governed by the code of conduct issued by a specific industry body, such code of conduct being recognised as the minimum standard by FINMA, and (iii) the discretionary management agreement complies with the standards of a specific industry body, such standards being recognised as the minimum standard by FINMA; or

7. high-net-worth individuals who have confirmed in writing to a financial intermediary pursuant to section 1, or to an independent asset manager that meets the requirements described in section 6, that they wish to be considered as a qualified investor (“opting-in”) and that they (a) have the knowledge required to understand the risks of the investments based on their individual education and professional experience or based on comparable experience in the financial sector and hold assets of at least CHF 500,000, or (b) hold assets of at least CHF 5 million.

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